Thursday, July 26, 2012

productivity, or something like it

I've always noticed that I get far more done productivity wise when I actually have more to do.  Not only that I have more to do, but that I know that my time is far more limited and I have to push on through regardless of what else might be beckoning. 

Case in point, we are down a couple people at work and I've taken on a load of more responsibilities at least until we hire a replacement.  Right now, it's adding about 2 hours per day of work work (it won't always, but it's crunch time before the semester starts on course reserves).  As such, I have less time to tinker around with poetry/press related work while I'm officially on the clock.  But damn if I'm not moving at a slightly brisker pace on these things since I know I have really only about an hour after lunch to do them daily (not counting my evenings in the studio, which is mostly printing, assembling, and processing orders anyway.) I made a huge dent in reading manuscripts on Tuesday, dealing with wicked alice submissions, and will be finishing a couple layouts tomorrow afternoon.  I feel spare and organized and less overwhelmed.  I even managed to get mostly through everything I planned to do in the studio this week.  Of course, I sometimes hit a critical mass point and freak out and then get nothing done, but I'm trying to stave it off by scheduling my tasks on an hourly basis.

I am, however, really liking the way the new format at wicked alice allows me to accept work on a more rolling basis and not in huge chunks.  Since were updating constantly, it also probably gives us a little more room (I never liked issues that were too large, though we sometimes wound up doing them).  Plus I can keep up with submissions more readily than waiting to do them all at once like I usually wound up doing no matter how I planned otherwise.

I even managed to submit some more work from the dreams about houses and bees project and am considering the format and length of the project since I'm writing sort of aimlessly and erratically thus far on it.

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