Monday, June 11, 2012

We seem to have lapsed into full blown summer, both suddenly and not so suddenly. After a spate of too warm days, I almost ache for a thunderstorm, a huge whirling clamorous dervish that brings cooler, dryer air. Windy enough to scatter branches, turn the sky pitch black, and drop buckets of rain (though note that I'd prefer to be inside and not commuting when it hits.)

This weekends book fair was a success even despite the heat. I actually rather enjoyed my shady vantage point, drinking bottle after bottle of water and snacking on sandwiches and muffins and strawberries/kiwi fruit cups secured from the 7/11 on State and just enjoying the people watching. We sold lots of stamp necklaces and paper goods as expected, more books than I estimated we would, and also some of those bookmarks I finally got around to making. We made enough to finance a special limited edition box project I am working on for Rebecca Dunham's upcoming manuscript, as well as enough to finance the tarot project (that is when I can round up some of the loose pieces.) Plus enough for a good size order or cardstock.

This week, I am making books for next weekend's reading and designing some covers for upcoming titles. I am looking forward to some vacation time over the 4th of July to put everything aside and not think about anything for an entire week. Now I just need to get there.

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