Monday, June 04, 2012

Mondays are always hard, especially Mondays of what looks to be the beginning of two weeks worth of insane busyness. Especially after two weeks having been free of Monday entirely.

Earlier, I finished off the layout on the shipwrecks project and began proofing and image formatting. While it's an equal mix of image and text, I have grown rather fond of the written pieces in and of themselves. Oddly, I feel like they are a turn back to the style of older poems, less discursive, less random, more straightforward. It's a mix of more lyrically oriented tercets and prose poem pieces/fragments, all of which flow rather nicely into and out of each other. I wound up cutting and combining and salvaging some things for other projects, so it's only 11 written pieces and about 9 images interspersed, so it makes a nice little booklet. I ordered 10 sheets of the cardstock, which will be enough for an initial batch for this weekend, after which I can afford more if I sell some copies.

Tonight the moon is huge and golden and low in the sky. The strawberry moon, I heard someone on facebook say. I am intrigued by moonlore of late, of celestial things, of contellations and such. You can see some of the brighter stars in the city, but I'm looking forward to some time in the country this summer to fully appreciate them.

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