Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the longest day

of the year and so far, despite the heat, it's been a good one, filled with raspberry italian ice for breakfast and later, cocktails with a friend (incidently, a friend whose first book was just released by horseless press so you should buy it.) I've also been working steadily away at some interview questions I've been slacking on, wherein I talk about dgp and the business side of running a press. Also, that pesky quarterly e-mail newsletter I've been threatening to inflict on my mailing list that I can never seem to pull together. I'm putting together a couple of big book orders in studio, but I've also been working slowly along on the anatomical pieces, though I've yet to attempt any of the more ambitious things I've been plotting. At times like this I am much better at wading than swimming. I do plan to have Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan available by the end of the week. (I sold a few copies at Printers Row, but I still have maybe 4 or so left from that first batch I made, with more cardstock on the way.) It's going to be a limited edition of some sort I just haven't decided on the entire print run yet (the poems themselves sans artwork are going to be part of a full length book project (as yet unamed manuscript #5) that is about halfway completed, but this is the best way to see the entire text/image project as it was concieved.

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