Thursday, May 24, 2012

sneak peak

I've been working on scanning some of the second batch of shipwreck collages, determining the order of the text pieces and how to best mix them with the visual pieces, getting ready to start laying them out.  I'm still hoping to have them ready for Printers Row the second week of June, at which we'll be holding down a half table in the City of Chicago's tent with all sorts of other small presses.  We will have the usual chaps, zine things, art prints, paper goods, and hopefully maybe a few other little bookish lovelies (our postage stamp pendants always go over really well every year).  The book fair always feels like the official kick-off for summer, so hopefully there will be lots of sunshine and not so much rain (the anathema to all things papery, but rain seems to come every year..)

As for new poemy projects, I've turned my attentions back to dreams about houses and bees series and submitting things--(the JF poems, pieces and the entirety of beautiful, sinister). I'd like to make it a point to submit something somewhere at least once a week, and when I'm submitting regularly, I always seem to be driven to write more, so we'll see how that goes.

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