Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Monday and I still wonder where the weekend goes that precedes it. Mostly, I was recovering from friday night margarita fun and sleeping alot to catch up on all I missed working this horrible schedule.  Next weekend is a long one due to the NATO stuff going on downtown (which has the entire campus, the Fine Arts Building, and it seems the whole freakin south loop, basically closed Fri-Monday.) so I'm hoping to actually get to do something with all this nice weather that actually involves getting outside. Meanwhile, this morning amidst boring data entry for the library, I am working on a couple books layout, including one cover design, and well as sending out the first batch of acceptances for late 2012 / early 2013, the pool of which is very strong and we're barely into the reading period.  Later, I might start a preliminary layout of Shipwrecks.. I have a couple more pieces (both visual) and written I am working on that I'll leave room to plug in later, but otherwise, except for some moving things around, it's almost done.  I'm going with a pretty simple more text based cover since not only are there visuals in the book aplenty, but also the cover is a really deep midnight blue that probably won't lend itself to printing all that visibly.  I am also excited about the artwork that I'm finishing for one of the next chaps (Lisa Cole's tinder // heart) since it's the first in a new series I've been plotting of secientific/anatomical-inspired pieces, some of which are 3-D and interactive, sort of in the vein of this pop-up-ish anatomy book I found some images of.

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