Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I am firmly convinced that my general happiness level and creative output is tied entirely to my physical condition. I started coming down with a cold on Saturday and I am since pretty much entirely useless, even though my symptoms are not terrible (just general fuzziness, sneezing, sinus pressure and a slight cough). I really don't want to do anything that involves any sort of energy at all, certainly not write poems or finish layouts, (much less complete my taxes, renew my drivers license, or answer e-mails) so I'm hoping to be back in the saddle tomorrow, though I realize that having lost Monday to my Rockford stay, I will be more behind in my week than usual. A turn toward chillier weather today is not helping my overall morale. I did order a new printer that will be here in a couple days (necessary after throwing/accidently dropping my color HP onto the floor while fiddling with it last Monday), this is an all in one that in theory should work for both text blocks and covers, so I am looking forward to that. Otherwise, there are paper orders to be placed, wicked alice and dgp submissions to be looked over, all of which I can hopefully somehow swing tonight if my general mood improves.

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