Monday, March 12, 2012

tortoises and hares

Over the weekend, I think I put what may be the final touches on beautiful, sinister (aka the narrative project). In the end, after I combined some parts amd weeded out some garbage, it is only about 25 pages, which seems sort of short considering the foundation was laid, and the first pieces written for it, nearly 5 years ago. I tend to have two ways of approaching projects. One is quickly and doggedly spilling things out and rounding them up. The other is more a slow burn. Usually for every latter case, there are a couple of the former that get done while I'm still tinkering.

The Joseph Cornell series that wound up in at the hotel andromeda was a slow project, about three years from inception to completetion. And now this thing, which seemed all the more slow going becasue I was telling a story and had to figure out what that story was as I was writing the pieces for it. There was alot that was plotted and cut, and alot that I wasn't sure exactly how it would go or fit til just the last few weeks. It's a little bit of relief to finally be happy with it. I think it will just exist as a chap somewhere down the line, for which I already have a pretty specific idea on cover design. I'm going to let it settle and then come back in a month or so and see what I think.

Meanwhile, it is onward with the dream house poems and the mermaid series, and just maybe something new that I plotted out in this morning's odd insomnia (I went to bed far too early last night intending to get to the studio, but somehow couldn't get back to sleep from around 3am on, so there was alot of creative thinking going on amidst the tossing and turning.)

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