Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yesterday was a scratchy, unproductive day in which everything I tried to accomplish was botched in some way from the moment I got up until I finally surrendered to bed, tired of battling printers, MS Office, public transportation, my hair, and just about everything else. Today, was MUCH better. I even feel semi-productive. Not only did I get a lot of books out the door and make a dent in the library order, but I later managed to tidy up the JF poems and send them on their way out into the world for their maiden voyage. It wound up being just a slim little manusript, about 16 pages, but it might work well as a e-chap somewhere. In a month or so, I will probably have the narrative project under wraps and I'll start sending it out too. I've been hesitant to send either project's individual bits out on their own since so much depends on their working as a group. But there are other things in their infancy and/or percolating on the poetry burner, the houses / bees thing, a series of list poems, something else I'm not sure of yet. Maybe an erasure project I've been contemplating. The mermaid thing. So many things, so little time.

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