Friday, January 27, 2012

I google, therefore I am...

In my search history on my work computer:

raspberry honey mustard
skateboard on skis
tunnel of oppression
suitcase on sand
WomanMade Gallery
vintage grammar textbook
chanel no 5 font
tempozoan harbour village
osaka ferris wheel
japanese ferriswheel
vintage ferriswheel
photo slide
vintage printables
theatre font
illuminated manuscripts
bible fish
megan kaminski bio
actresses who are 37
alanis morisette
how to make a book trailer
montrose beach skate park
hangman poetry
rose mcgowan plastic surgery
wingdings key
dance movies
principles of dance movies
keebler coconut dreams
japanese magnolia drawing
*ex-lover I occasionally internet stalk*
nancy drew
the devil inside
serpent and the rainbow
how they clean subway cars
2941 w belmont
stencil font
awp offsite readings
pride and prejudice and zombies
words on fabric
paper lanterns polaroid
evolution of teen movies
edna st vincent millay love life
loves baby soft
ensemble jourine
glossy inkjet paper
miniature doll parts
wooden mannequin small
artist figure mannequin
how to post from facebook to twitter
bee hive
fashion toy fabric
7x7 pre-cut mat
solidity vs. solidness
too realistic creepy (I was hunting for the word "uncanny")
bat silouette
spoonful magazine

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Outsideofacat said...

that's almost a poem! :)