Friday, December 16, 2011

Today I am skittish and sugared up from workplace treats, so bear with me. Today, for the first time this week, there was sunlight and a late start and my polkadot dress. Also, a little bit of romantic meltdown, certain things come to light and people twisting things all over the place and I'm not sure who is more in the wrong. (well, I know he's more in the wrong but my response to it was a bit innappropriate and now there is further friction because of that) Combine angry text messages in the middle of the night and accusative e-mails back and forth most of today, and I'm a bit emotionally wrought this afternoon. Otherwise, I am trying to focus on good things and ignore the unpleasantness. Said good things include pretty origami birds, lovely chapbooks, my newly dyed deep brown leather bag, banana bread, plans for Christmas bookstore shopping expeditions next week, and an entire weekend to work on a new little art project. (Also this photo which freaks the beejesus out of me, yet I am strangely drawn to.)

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