Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tonight, I am overfed and drowsy and feeling more contemplative than usual. As the year starts to come to a close, I always like to take a look at plans and resolutions (and then of course in the next four weeks work furiously at some of the easier ones to actually feel like I acomplished them.) Some of them were easy, more art, more cooking, more poems, taking more photos, blogging more. Otherwise, I took more chances, read alot, recorded my dreams, did a little bit of traveling in the spring. I learned to trust a little more, love a little more, made new friends (but also developed sad, sweet, utterly hopeless crushes on said new friends. I do this at least once a year lately it seems, but I did fail utterly at my resolution to be less of a girl about these things). To my credit, I also finally walked away from something (someone) bad I'd been struggling with for 5 years (though at the same time then continued an interesting little fling with someone sort of wrong for me, or at the very least, too young for me, but really a lot of fun.) If anything, I became a little more at home in my sexual/romantic skin.

Next year, I still plan to get in the habit of more organization in general. I'm still bad at finishing half done things, and my life is sort of littered with the remnants of mid-stream projects, art series, poem series, half-manuscripts. Both the studio and my dining room is filled with supplies and beginnings of project started or concieved as early as two years ago and never completed. I recently came across a large box of slender jewel cases I intended to help me organize and streamline my CD collection that I purchased in late 2008 then shoved away in my closet until I could get to it. It's time to wrap these things up and move onto all the new ideas and projects filling my notebook.

I do, however, feel I was better at being in the moment more, whatever that moment was, be it spending time in the studio doing what I love, writing, making things, enjoying the fruits and pleasures thereof, but also making time for frivolous, mindless fun, which is hard for me sometimes. I worked my ass off in 2011 (so many dgp books released, printed, assembled in addition to my own creative work) but also took life in general more leisurely.

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