Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today, the light was very fall-like, and dusk here noticeably earlier than even a week or so ago. A little hungover from last night's activities, I woke to rain early, went back to bed, and woke again only to have to shut all the windows due to the chill. This is probably my last weekend all to myself, since next week I will be in Rockford collecting an alumni award from RC, and then am doomed to the library the following two weekends. The weekend after that is a trip by train to Detroit again for this years Theatre Bizarre celebration. I am mostly decided on a Carrie costume complete with prom dress, tiara, and a whole lot of blood. The other possibility is a Spanish Dancer since I already have a dress that works and just need a fan and some accessories. Either way, I am looking forward to it.

Otherwise, my time is spent getting books ready and made in the studio and shipping orders out. We're set to release a new slew of titles in the next couple of weeks that are almost ready to go, including work by Stacy Kidd, Montana Ray, Kristina Jipson, Gretchen E. Henderson, and several more I'm working on layouts for. I'm also scheming over AWP planning and it looks like we'll be hosting both an open studio and a reading somewheres with some other small presses perhaps (in addition to the chapbook panel I'm on). I've recently finished up a set of collages (see a sneak peak above) and working on sections of beautiful, sinister. I also managed to successfully recover some lost random art images from old collages that I posted to Flickr. Fall always makes me almost manic in terms of hatching new ideas for things, and already I have a list of new little creative projects I want to do in the coming year...

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