Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is one of those weeks that doesn't feel quite like my own. I'm already all discombobulated working 9-5, so add in an unusual number of library-related meetings, etc. (particularly early morning meetings-ugh..) and I start to miss my nice little routines. I terribly like starting my days slow, drinking tea, checking up on facebook, mosying into down to the studio or to work, easing into things I need to do, easing into dealing with people as well, since too much socialization sends my little introvert heart into a tailspin. This week, I'm a tornado from the time I get up til I fall into bed. At least, because I get off work so early, I get a few extra hours in the studio most days. I do have a couple more dgp books on the rails which will be appearing shortly. A flurry of new releases usually brings about an unusual surge of orders, a good thing to be sure, but an exhausting one sometimes. I am also getting ready for a big shop update after the first of September. (I've been taking a little break from making things most of this summer since my energies have been devoted entirely to books lately...) So there is lots of folding and stapling abreast, lots of to-do list obsessing, but also lots of strawberry sundaes and trying to hold on to what's left of summer. I am slowly reading through dgp submissions for late next year's lineup and and am psyched about those possibilities, plus working on getting up the 10th anniversary issue of wicked alice before I leave. I'll be out of town the last week before classes begin over Labor Day, so when I get back it will officially be fall and I'll still be trying to figure out where the last three months vanished to. It happens every year...

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