Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Due to a couple of different factors, I've decided that it's a go with the open reading period this year, despite the fact that I initially said there wouldn't be one til next summer. Since in general, I am trying to disentangle myself from doing wholesale orders (too much work for miniscule profit), I find I have extra time in the studio for making books (in the time it takes me to wrap 200 bars of soap, I can make 100 chapbooks, which is both more fun and less soapy). Not only will we be caught up by the end of summer, but we may even be slightly ahead of schedule heading into early next year. Since I only have books lined up for the first half of 2012, I figure opening up again will fill up the rest of the year now. I hate the idea of losing possible awesome work simply becuase we didn't host a reading period at all this year. It will only be the entire month of August this time instead of the whole summer, but hopefully it will bring some good things our way to round off the year.

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