Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I hereby name the rest of the summer as chapbookpalooza, since I am once again attempting catch completely up my publication schedule, which not only includes the remaining chaps from the 2010 /2011 season, but the beginnings of the 2011/2012 slate which was officially supposed to kick off in May (and now it's more like early August.) The result is that I will be releasing something new every couple of days for the next month or so, so get ready. Most of these have been in some state of completion since April when I went on a layout frenzy, but pulling everything together, galleys proofed, cover art, putting in paper orders, various printing woes, have made it a longer than anticipated feat. I will be spending a few extra hours in the studio the next month, both catching up on orders and assembling books like a madwoman. In addition to the regular chaps, I also want to get the arcana project on it's way to production. Printers Ball is coming up and I'm thinking I might make our swag contribution something tied in with that. Also my landscape / architecture project needs to be finalized. There are a couple other things on the board that may surface. My head is filled with so many ideas it's become increasingly frustrating to hold off running with them.

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