Thursday, June 30, 2011

We hit several of my favorite thrifting haunts this afternoon and I came back with all sorts of goodies, for once, most of them for me and not the shop. Not only did I restock my mysterious missing spoon problem with some sturdy stainless pieces, but picked up some oriental bowls in the most gorgeous pale aqua, as well as some floral dessert dishes, some simple s&p shakers, and an artichoke botanical print for my kitchen.

I'm not sure how safe this old knitting bag will fare with curious cats who love to unravel yarn, but it might make a good magazine holder. I also scored what will make the most perfect beach bag for summer jaunts, very roomy and easy to carry (unlike the wicker tote I picked up in Mississippi, which is too narrow and stiff and is now in the possession of my mom.)

There was the usual hoarding of linens, but I limited myself to pillow cases this time (less fabric all over the place) and a sweet little crochet doily pillow. Plus a huge swathe of oilcloth which will hopefully remedy the lip balm all over the dining room table problem.

Since I do consider my thrifting adventures "work" in collecting for the shop, I did buy some tiny baskets that will be perfecto for soap gift sets...It's hard work, all that shopping.

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