Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer: 17 things

Yesterday, the air downtown smelled little like the lake, sort of green and fishy, or maybe it was just the rain, or the combination of the rain and the grass that had just been cut over in the park.

Every year I tell myself that I will enjoy summer more since I mourn it's loss once it's gone, but so much gets in the way and the next thing I know it's September. (or really the next thing I know it's December and that vast tundra of winter stretches out endlessly in front of me.) Or maybe I enjoy it, usually, but without noticing how much I enjoy it in the midst of it.

Thus, here goes a list of my very favorite summer things:

picnics/cookouts/eating al fresco
tiny roadside markets
strawberry sundaes
lounging and reading outdoors
road trips and afternoon drives
coconut shampoo
flea markets and garage sales
camp fires
outdoor movies
sun tea
flip flops

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