Friday, June 03, 2011

a new look

I've been experimenting with a new storefront system for the shop and think it's going to work rather nicely. Etsy has always felt a little confining since they didn't have a good category system and everything was such a jumble. I'd also toyed with idea of making everything one stop shopping (books and other goods) but never liked the idea of having to join up. Since it's getting a little to expensive on Etsy to sell vs. what the shop is bringing in (my ratio of fees to actual sales is really sad the last two months), I decided to give ecrater a whirl as the new storefront. Ideally, I would love to set up my own e-commerce portal through the main dgp site, but it would involve more upkeep and maitenance than time allows at the moment. Since alot of the traffic these days comes through the domain and via google, I've taken that shop offline while I decide what to do with it. I might possibly just leave it up for wholesale purposes (all of which comes through there) and have the retail sales routed through ecrater. (Big Cartel is another cool option, but they limit shops to 300 items, and we have almost 100 book titles alone, so that's not going to work). I'm still debating whether or not to direct all book sales through ecrater though or leave as is, since the general shopping cart has been working out fine and it would involve editing all those html pages. It would definitely streamline my order processing if I could combine everything, though.

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