Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am in Rockford all this week through the holiday, where I plan to do little but write, read, and spend long evenings outside waiting for the stars to appear in that kind of quiet that you only have out here in the boonies. There is plenty of iced tea, and yummy grilled food, and pancakes for breakfast (which is far better than any writing retreat I can think of.)

Wisconsin was loveliness, but the extended family reunion picnic a little sparse and depressing. Most of the relatives of my grandfather's (brothers and cousins) in Black River Falls are older and dying off, and the younger ones don't seem interested. Even my dad was the only one from among his brother's and sisters to be able to get up there, and all my cousins seemed to have other plans this weekend, even though initially it was supposed to be a larger group going according to my mother. Luckily we know how to make our own fun. I mostly miss Hatfield and the lake, and wish we could spend more time out there. Part of it is nostalgia, and part of it simply how lovely it all is..the pine forests, the blue water, how nothing ever changes really.

Today we did a turn through one of the thrift stores and I did manage to find some pictures possibly for a small gouping on the wall above my bed, as well as a bag of cotton stuffing for 99 cents, which I hope to use on some new pillows if I ever get some quality time with the sewing machine.

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