Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The book fair was a great success this weekend, and the weather held rather nicely except for spot of rain late Saturday (well, really a rather healthy downpour with lightning) but it was over quickly and efficiently enough. Sunday was lovely though, and it was great to get to spend some time outside people and dog watching in the sunshine. Since I'd had to thow everything together so quickly we didn't have all of our titles there, but we did well, sold some books, lots of paper goods, and quite a few of the postage stamp necklaces that went over so well a couple years ago. There is much in the way of book construction this week, though my meager two hours in the studio every night has me frazzled that it will all never get finished.

Meanwhile, I am still debating whether to put my AC in at home. It seems like it just got warm enough to have the windows open at all and now everything has to be closed up. It's been hot the past couple of days, but the lake breezes seem to be working in my favor and my apartment is actually not too hot. I've been sleeping in front of a fan and even getting a little chilly around dawn. I have been waiting for summer forever and suddenly it's here and I'm too busy and crazy to really enjoy it like I should...

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