Friday, April 01, 2011

new from dancing girl press

The Art of Exporting
Cristina Querrer
dancing girl press, 2011
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Cristina Querrer was born and raised in the Philippines, post Vietnam War, during the Marcos regime, pre-Mount Pinatubo eruption, as a (US Air Force) military child. Her works have appeared in The Adirondack Review, The Fairfield Review, Stirring, and in print anthologies such as Pinoy Poetics, Babaylan, Bombshells, The Mom Egg, and Field of Mirrors. Querrer received her BA in Creative Writing with a minor in Visual Arts and is currently working on her MFA in Creative Writing. She currently lives in a bungalow in the bustling town of Palm Harbor, FL, with her children and Australian Shepard mix, Athena.

All National Poetry Month long, dancing girl press will be bringing you new titles from the most amazing emerging women poets. Check back often and/or join us on facebook for new titles..

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