Wednesday, April 06, 2011

notes and things (and things of note)


I have fallen in love with the newish magazine, anthology, featuring a mix of art, style, and decor, all of which in turn led me to this amazing artist/photographer who works with dioramas, Lori Nix..


A friend from the library, Abby Tebeau, is spending her semester in Paris this spring, and her photo blog offers a lovely view of the city and life in it, all of which makes me wish I wasn't quite so terrified of airplanes and flying and could see it myself.


And speaking of Paris, I stumpled upon this old magazine article, courtesy of The Snail & the Cyclops, featuring this most glorious taxidermy shop in the city. I think I read elsewhere there had since been a fire there, so I'm not sure if it still exists, but I am loving the natural history museum feel of it all..

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