Sunday, February 13, 2011


I think today was the first tolerable day to be outside in months, all suneshiney and possibly even in the forties. The zoo was great fun, even though a lot of the animals (all the bears, at least) were inside off display. We did see most of the big cats, a 1 month old gibbon, a whole lot of alpacas, and the most adorable slow lorises (or lori??), plus the usual gorillas, zebras, etc. The loruses were so cute I wanted to take them home with me. The LP zoo is hands down my favorite zoo anywhere (and it's free to boot). I used to get over there a lot when I lived a couple blocks away from it, but I try now to go at least once a year, though the crowds can be a bitch in the summer. Earlier in the day, we were sometimes the only visitors in front of the displays, though it gets a little busier in the afternoon even in February. We also did a quick turn around the Lincoln Park Conservatory, whose flower room was chock full of azaleas and cyclamen, so bright and vivid, that they almost made me forget the snow outside.

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