Friday, January 21, 2011

fashion friday: at your leisure

My throat feels itchy and scratchy and I keep telling myself I am not getting sick again so early after the last time, but it wouldn't surpise me, given a certain lack of sleep (odd work schedule insonmnia), waiting in the freezing cold for one too many late buses, and general anxiousness/stress. Winters sometimes nearly kill me. I also kept sneezing yesterday, so it doesn't look good. I am fortifying myself with lots of delicious blueberry tea and, while probably not helpful, stuffed pizza from my favorite place, and hopefully the rest will work itself out. I also keep moving furniture around in my apartment, nothing large or major, but sidetables, lamps, trunks, artwork. I really just need to give it a through cleaning, the dust bunnies may just overrrun me (and certainly don't help the throat/sinus situation.)

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