Monday, December 06, 2010

These lovely little cards will henceforth be tucked into all packages sent this season with a small thank you discount. Not a jackalope, but a rabbit nonetheless.

In other news,winter is already grating on my nerves, pretty much the minute I had to actually, you know, go out in it this morning. I was more than content to spend the weekend tucked away in my apartment and while I did little more than huddle under my comforter and drink endless amounts of blueberry tea, none of it involved venturing further than the lobby of my building to collect my packages. And packages there were, including all sorts of new fun things to play with in the way of supplies. I managed to make about 10 batches of soap, but now am in need of some elves to wrap them (if you see any, let me know..) as well as some votive candles. Tonight, I have some jar candles planned (Cranberry Citrus) and always, various odds and ends of things. I am rather scattered today without my notebook and to-do list, so I am probably forgetting something really important that I need to do. In general, I've been sort of loopy and unfocused since I got back. I think I will just keep plowing through the rest of the dgp submissions, tonight, though since I missed my December 1st deadline for results by a mile.

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