Sunday, December 26, 2010

december doldrums

Oddly, I am looking forward to January, even though I usually hate it...somehow, it seems less depressing than dark December. Almost as if you are on the downward side of the mountain and the worst is over. I'd like to think the worst of winter would be behind us, though February seems to be pretty nasty the last few years as well. Still, it's a new start, a crisp clear mindset, and time to devote to all sorts of new pursuits and projects. In addition to a slew of new dgp books coming right along, there are also my own new poems to play with, all sorts of cool projects that of course, occured to me, or found their way to me, in the midst of pre-holiday craziness that luckily I jotted down, including a couple of zine-like things I've been plotting, a load of new unmentionables for the shop, and some pretty new business card holders. Also tasks I've been putting off, certain very patient friends I've been neglecting. Hopefully, I can catch up with all of it.

Christmas was the usual routine of food, family, and gifts. Everyone seemed to like the handmade (mostly) ones given and I wound up with a new mattress & box spring, fluffy green towels, a new set of white sheets, yummy orange Bath & Body Works Lotions, a Starbucks Gift Card, a Hot Cocoa Mug Set, cash, and enough chocolate to choke a horse. Now I am settling in for a few days in Rockford before I head back to the city and hopefully a little bit of resting and pulling things back together after the chaos. I treated myself to some new boots, tights, and a new dress on the condition I clean my messy bedroom closet when I get back, so we'll see how that works out. If I keep bribing myself with clothes I will have a million things to wear and no where to put them.

Meanwhile, I am eating turkey sandwiches and my mom's cookies and watching a mix of Buffy marathons and Christmas movies. I will no doubt be hitting the thriftstores at some point in the next couple of days and will surely blow all my Christmas money on dishware and fabric for things I never have time to sew once I am back in the midst of ordinary life. I have pretty much given into the idea that there will never be enough time to get to everything I need to right when I want to. Perhaps this year's resolution should just be to embrace this fact and not freak out about it.

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