Sunday, November 07, 2010

more anxiety dreams

I warned you, the dreams were getting plentiful and weird. I took a nap this evening and dreamed that the Zoebella (what I call the two headed beastie otherwise known as the ginger twins) and some others were having kittens, suddenly and without any warning. They were having them in the closet and on the bed and under the bed and in the dresser. I kept trying to find them all, twenty or so, because we needed to get them to eat, but I was bleeding from my mouth, a thick metallic blood that just kept coming and coming, like I had given birth to something orally myself (words? poems?). One of the kittens was my cat who died a few years ago reincarnated and I knew that one was supposed to mine again, but another grey striped was still lying in the closet with it's eyes closed, not moving, a stillborn. I reached in and grabbed it, planning to throw it away before anyone saw it. But it was still breathing, faintly, it's eyes half open, almost gasping. I knew we were supposed to rub it between our hands, like starting a fire, to help it's circulation, so I kept doing it and soon it was wide eyed and purring. I have no idea what this means, but it seemed important somehow.

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