Sunday, November 14, 2010

and so it goes

I am obsessed this week with old crumbling landscape paintings in greys and blues and browns and want to cover my walls with them. I am still chugging along trying to get things done, books and things packed and made for the shop. The past couple of days have included a bit of relaxing, a pinch of housework, and a little dash of lovely oddness, but in a good way. Otherwise, there is the usual routine. I made my way through a couple of mending projects on my own clothes this evening and finished the barkcloth purse (I had to get smaller bamboo handles). I like it so much I might just keep it for myself. This week will be devoted to getting some layouts to their authors, this latest batch of subscription copies out, catching up on orders, all before I head out of town early next week for the holiday. I have the whole week off, so will be able to squeeze at least a couple of days entirely in the studio, good since things are already on the upswing. And there is so much to do that I've yet to even order supplies for.

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M. Reka said...

Great painting, amazing ideas :)
I loved you beautiful blog!
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