Saturday, September 04, 2010

september, again

It definitely feels a little like fall the last couple of days, and I even had to close my windows in the apartment last night when I got home. I am already craving soup and baked things. I am starting to get cracking on restocking the shop for the holiday rush which will be here before we know it. I've added some fall flavored slips, some new notecards, pencil boxes, letter openers. Also some collage prints are available of collages that the originals have long since sold (or they were never available in the shop). As always there just doesn't seem to be enough time to make and do all that I am inspired to do. This week, I will be making more hair bobbies (I had a huge vintage earring score) and finishing up some journals I've been working on (small wallpaper covered notebooks, sadly not the coptic bound ones I am still trying to perfect.) Next weekend I plan on sewing some more pillows that are larger than the little ones I started out with. And always more soap to make and wrap.

In dgp news, I am hoping to have the new chap by Naomi Buck Palagi, Silver Roof Tantrum, done this week and then finishing the layout on 5 new September releases (books by Julia Cohen/ Brandon Shimoda, Emilie Lindemann, Joanna Novak, Alexis Vergala, Britanny Ober, and Grace Marie Grafton.) We are still woefully behind my original schedule, but there is a new one I am hoping to keep to. Otherwise, the dgp inbox is full of about 350 new manuscripts to read through in the next couple of months. (you know, the books I will be woefully behind on next year.) The nice thing is I am back to the nightshift and will have plenty of circ desk reading (especially next weekend when I am pulling a double header in the library.)

I am fighting a little bit of melancholy, even though I was waiting for autumn, it's sad to see it here.

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kerri said...

hello there, is it too late to send off a manuscript for next year's lot? . . .

yes, autumn is always craved, yet catches us unawares