Friday, September 17, 2010


Today is one of those lost days. I had intended to get down to the studio on my day off to finish up the newest book and get some other shop related tasks done and noticed last night the tickling in my throat that indicated I was coming down with a cold. It's a couple weeks later, so I thought I would avoid my annual Sept. illness, but no such luck. As soon as the weather changes it's inevitable. I slept late, hoping to sleep it off before it set in (which sometimes works, oddly) but still awoke to a bit of general snottiness and congestion. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be more productive. Meanwhile, I am drinking a lot of tea and plan to order some General Tso's chicken and wonton soup to clear my sinuses tonight. I did manage to get the new hair clips I photographed on Wednesday into the shop, as well as snapped some pics of some new, more manly man flasks (ie not bedecked in flowers). I've been feeling that chest crushing feeling that I will never be able to have time to get things done, so even small things crossed off my list are a relief of sorts. I have tomorrow off, thankfully, but will be in the library on Sunday. The tarot project, code named Arcana, is underway and it's a little eerie how some folks have somehow randomly wound up with just the right card for them (so they've told me).

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