Monday, July 05, 2010

I think I've gotten spoiled living so close to the lake. When I come inland, it seems unbearably hot and sticky with less shade from buildings and the air barely moving. It doesn't help that, in town, Rockford is an endless expanse of shadeless stripmall parking lots. It's more bearable out in the country, where the twilights are so long when you take time to sit through them and actually pay attention. From the yard, I can see an entire expanse of sky and the stars popping into view one by one. The fourth festivities were fun, though I realized I was drinking a bit too much of that delish sangria and wanted to crawl into bed about two hours in. I have no tolerence these days for alcohol, especially anything involving wine. I am technically on vacation, but people seem to still be wanting things from me poetry-related, so it's not really. I did hit the thriftstores today and managed to pick up a couple sets of 1970s cups, three slips, a bird dish I'd once coveted on etsy but sold before I could buy it. Also, some cute little animal knicknacks perfect for shadowboxes, as well as a soap dish to replace the one Isabel is perpetually breaking. I forgot my camera at home but will post pics when I get back.

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