Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The heat and humidity has returned again and with it, the lack of concentration and ability to do anything in anyway productively. As much as I hate (hate) winter, I am looking forward a little to fall and it's crisp, cutting efficiency. Tonight, I am headed over to the Calfornia Clipper and the BYOP event, which should be fun, then the rest of the week will be devoted to finishing up author copies of the newest books and getting up the new wicked alice, which needs to be ready to go at least by Friday afternoon since the little promo broadside I did for The Printers Ball is advertising the new issue. It turned out lovely and there are only 50 or so, so get to the ball early if you want one. The featured photographer for the issue is Cassia Beck, who takes these dreamy cotton-candyesque photos that are absolutely beautiful.

Otherwise, I am looking forward to my next vacation, Wisconsin Death trip-country, though it's still two weeks away. I wish we were like the French and had the entire month of August off. (I suppose I could do this, but I took a week in July and like to squirrel away some time around Thanksgiving.) On the plus side, I hit the library 10 year mark this year, so I get a whole blissful 4 weeks this coming year, which means I could take a whole month off if I wished. Meanwhile I live vicariously through all those lucky writers who get to while away their summers at residencies and retreats (though I do love having the stability and benefits that full-time work provides, even if it means I end up writing surreptitiously at my desk.)

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