Saturday, July 31, 2010


My sinuses and upper/lower bicuspids are just throbbing the past couple of days like you wouldn't believe. It might be the change in weather/air or it might be the jalapeno bagel twist I agreed to try when the woman behind the counter at DD tried to give me one for free and I consented. I feel woozy and like I want to bite something (or someone). Otherwise, I am trying to live quietly the last few days, and have been working on new chapbook layouts, as well as most of the wicked alice issue up (I was having trouble with the featured artists gallery page and need to fix it Monday, but otherwise the actual issue is up with the poems.) I will make a more official release announcement when it's fixed.

I slept late today, into the afternoon and dreamed all night about strange animals running over me in bed. It was just the ordinary animals I usually have in my bed, but I also dreamed a new house that had walls that could dissappear in order make it feel like you were outside when you wanted but re-appear when you pushed a button. I was arranging furniture in a gaint bedroom and trying to figure out why I had so much when I had just moved in. There were also, in the rest of the house, weird art installations involving mannequins and a courtyard inside with a swingset. I always want to map these dream houses but I can never quite remember all the details. Dream houses are always more interesting than actual houses, even the ones they are inspired by. I keep finding rooms in them that I did not know were there.
Again, all very House of Leaves.

Speaking of that book, a couple of months ago, I was going to re-read it again and ILLd it, but then it never made it off my desk and was overdue so I had to send it back. A friend and I were talking about it recently though, so now I really want to read it again since it's been a few years. She also recommended Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which I requested promptly. I notice that the movie is on Netflix's watch now, so I'm not sure if I should wait til after I read the book to watch it or not.

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