Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My biggest problem lately seems to be a lack of focus. Twice I have started a blog entry about writing and po-biz and abandoned it. I am almost on the verge of abandoning this one. Whatever I had to say didn't seem pressing, or sometimes even coherent. Sometimes, I was holding back saying how I really feel for the sake of not arguing about it, and in particular, not offending people I really do like, people who I respect immensely. But instead when it comes to poetry things, I will try to get along, go along, (or maybe just get the hell out of the way.)

In happier news, I am still working on the next batch of three chaps, but got waylaid by a lack of toner and now more copies of one of the books that requires sewing, so it's a little slow going. I hope to have them up by Friday after I can make the final corrections on two of them (the other is finished and already has a few copies out there.) Shop-wise, I am also working on some more vintage hairpins and headbands, as well as some coptic bound journals with the most gorgeous paper covers. Also maybe some pressed flower bookmarks and pendants I hope to be getting completed over the weekend...

Again, summer and there just doesn't seem like enough time since I come straight to work in the morning and only get a couple of studio hours before I have to head home. I definitely prefer working later since I have my mornings free, this in-between crap sucks immeasurably. I still feel like I have to get up early, but I'm coming home just as late at night. It doesn't help that the warm weather has went away temporarily and I'm feeling sluggish and partly cloudy.

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