Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last night a storm blew through the city that rattled the ceiling tiles in the library and blew open the lobby doors from the inside out. I came outside to branches and debris scattered up Michigan Avenue and just a little rain. Later, leaving the studio, it was calm downtown and the streets filled with tourists like nothing had happened. Inevitably, though, I got caught in a downpour and scary lightning storm in the block and a half from the bus stop to my apartment so I was soaked by the time I got home. (Umbrellas are pretty much useless in the wind, and sometimes you just get wetter that way.) Today, however is a gorgeous mild 82. Weather is so unstable in June. You get these unbelievably hot, humid days followed by crazy ass storms in the PM like clockwork. I love thunderstorms, though they used to freak me out more in the country, all that flat open land around my parent's neighborhood. I was always worried about tornadoes, so much so that I dreamed about them all the time, even more frequently than the plane crashes.

I am hoping for a slow weekend with not all that much on the docket. Maybe some light housecleaning, then bad horror movies and chinese food later. I think my only weekend projects are some more flasks and maybe a jump start on some pressed flower bookmarks I've been wanting to make, as well as a few EMU's I bought home to sew. I am hoping to get the new round of chaps out this week, barring any future toner disasters.

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