Sunday, May 30, 2010

three day weekend

I don't think there are three words that sound quite so beautiful together. This one started with an after-work trip to The IML conference Leather Market with work friends to check out the wacky sex toys and gear (actually saw so many penises and things shaped like them I sort of lost interest in them), then spent yesterday doing the work I was supposed to do Friday and organizing the metal shelves in the studio, which were getting sort of scary. I did find all sorts of art supplies I'd bought and forgotten about, so I feel some new collages coming. Otherwise, the rest of the weekend will be devoted to a huge soap custom order --120 bars of lemon lavender, ginger peach, and apricot oatmeal. Actually making it is easy, but wrapping all of it will probably take me about two days. In the gaps, there is cleaning, waiting for my grocery delivery, and maybe watching some more Buffys.

Summer seems to have finally arrived, though with it, the huge clots of tourists mucking up downtown. I am trying to ignore them, but they are making trips longer, sidewalks harder to navigate, and lines for coffee longer, all of which makes me cranky since I'm relatively spoiled the rest of the year. It might also have something to do with the day shift vs. the evenings, which are less hectic and much more laid back. Nevertheless, I am determined to enjoy summer, especially since I spend the rest of the year moaning about the lack of it...

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