Saturday, May 01, 2010

may day

This afternoon, I have an unusual and intent craving for both quiche and fresh strawberries. It is undoubtedly gorgeous outside, but I am doomed to the dull windowless library both today and tomorrow. My day off, of course, was sort of muggy and rainy. I watched Buffy and the Sci-Fi Alice series and took a long nap in the afternoon, but was happy I could finally leave the windows open all night. It’s odd not having a computer at home, both a little freeing and slightly unnerving. I have all this extra time to do things like organize my jewelry supplies and clean out my linen closet, but I can’t find the number for the Chinese delivery place or get directions to where I'm going. I could technically take my studio laptop home, but I’m trying to not be such an addict. Today, I have managed to get the webpage up for the three newest books (see below) and will spend tonight in the studio assembling them and getting out some orders. I am still working on a couple straggling projects (the full length photo/poetry book, and Jessica Bozek’s chap) but otherwise we are mostly on schedule, for once, with a couple of other sets of galleys set to go to their authors this week. Saturdays in the library are always slightly odd, slightly off. I wish I could administer a litmus test when people come in the door as to whether they are feeling angry or psychotic, or even slightly passive aggressive. It would make me better able to guage how to respond. And some people spend way too much time here. You know who you are.

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