Wednesday, May 12, 2010

le deluge

If my life had a tagline at the moment, it would be "More books than you could ever possibly want to see." this applies both at work, where we are dealing with our semesterly glut of returns (when everything that went out over the course of a semester comes back in about four days.), but also for the press, where I am finishing up a big book order (pretty much every title we've published) and a couple smaller batches for poets. I am also slowly sewing copies of Emuseum and putting the "stab" in "stab binding". So far, that's three mornings up early and into the studio before going to work and working til 10pm, and it looks like I'll be doing it tomorrow to get everything packed up. But it is busy, happy work, and though it's exhausting, I love it (well, "love" may not quite describe my relationship with the 6 gazillion library books, but with the dgp work, most definitely.) I usually only have maybe a handful of copies in stock of the new titles and make everything else as it's ordered, but to see six years of books laid out on table was the most amazing thing. I get that crazy hamster wheel feeling sometimes when it comes to press and never appreciate quite enough the loveliness of the books themselves (which is owed more to the artists & designers who graciously provide cover art (my own designs are usually pretty simple and you can spot them (diagrams and line drawings are usually my direction) It's so exciting to have such amazing poetry packaged in these lovely little paper editions.(and I am such a geek for paper, sometimes moreso even than for poetry)