Saturday, May 08, 2010

fashion friday & library saturday

I was thinking earlier this week how I never seem to spend enough time at the beach, despite only living a block or so away from the lakefront. Things happen, I get busy, end up running around on weekends, and the next thing I know, summer is over. I have a couple of vacation weeks scouted out, but I tend to spend those out with my parents or in Wisconsin, so there isn't alot of free time when most of my hours are either spent at work or in the studio. I also want to take a few days to just do touristy things around the city like go to Navy Pier and the Field Museum, both of which I haven't been in years.

Today, it's colder than it's been, but very clear and bright. Today, there is tea and a pastry and a stack of poetry books I need to look through and decide what I want to read and return the rest since the books on my desk situation is once again getting unruly. I am in the library again on a Saturday (perpetually) and it is insanely quiet. My hair smells like coconut conditioner that belies the temperature outside. I am trying to make a to-do list for the rest of the weekend but I'm a little scattered. Yesterday, I watched two movies while I worked on flasks and other papery projects, one was good one was rather blah (and sadly could not even be saved by the hotness of RDJ or Jude Law.) I am also trying to organize & neaten my art & jewelry supplies in the dining room (ideally, I'd keep them at the studio, but I find I get most of that stuff accomplished at home and in the wee hours.)

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