Friday, April 09, 2010

end of week to-do list

1. Submit poems to a journal and an anthology that solicited work.

2.Process paperwork & labels for several etsy and website orders for chapbooks that I will be packing tonight.

3.Ready EMUseum for printing (which I will also do tonight if the open studio is not too busy.)

4. Re-send new business card file that was too small to printers.

5.Make final corrections on the galley for mesmer and be ready to print next week.

6. Begin laying out The Doll Studies chap.

7. Thin out wicked alice submissions and begin planning the Spring Issue.

8. Hopefully make some extra cash tonight at said open studio, then go home and collapse in exhaustion.

9. Make a bunch of soap, work on poems, and do some spring cleaning whilst enjoying the last fully non-committed weekend I will have for the next month or so where I'm not busy or working.

10.rinse, repeat

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