Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today was a non-window seat sort of day, but at least a little warmer. Last night, I went home and crawled into bed without even eating dinner, so have spent the day mostly ravenous and without access to anything beyond vending machine or campus bookstore fare til 5pm. I am slowly working on finishing up the EMUuseum, plotting the design for Carol Guess' from the doll studies chapbook and starting layout on Joanna Penn Cooper’s Mesmer, and always still folding and assembling copies for authors and orders. I also bagged about 40 little muslin bags of bath tea, so the studio smells like lavender and chamomile, and tonight, intend to finish up the soap labels. It's nice to have extra hours there and not be rushing through to either get out before 10 (or have to take the creepy stairs all the way down) or have to leave to get to work. I'm not sure if the day shift is a good trade, but I'll survive. I'm a little foggier then though, so a bit less efficient.

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Dana said...

I really like Carol Guess' work.