Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I've been spending some early mornings in the studio, still catching up on a few book orders. I still feel like I'm flailing a bit in the water when it comes to getting things done in a timely matter, but it's getting done. I just finished up all the author copies and initial orders on the last batch and got them in the mail, and managed to get a little design work done on one of the spring titles. I had a productive weekend though, more flasks finished and I dyed a batch of slips in all sorts of springy green shades. I am planning a open studio this Friday, and need to get alot of stuff done for that as well, things on cards and notecards packaged up and such, in addition to a big bookstore order on one of the chaps for a reading.

I'm still battling this cold and the weather is sort of odd and humid, but chilly, though most of the snow has melted. Last night was a ghostly freaky sort of fog that obscured even the end of the block in front of me. Waiting for the bus, I couldn't see much beyond the intersection, much less that there was an entire city of towering buildings around me. Even the sounds of traffic and the el were muffled, the cars passing through through and vanishing again.

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