Thursday, March 11, 2010

a new look

What started out as a postcard for tomorrow night using antiquarian bird images segued into a new banner for the shop, which sequed into a new banner for the blog, and then, on a whim, a tweaking of the homepage (which is what I use on promo non-poetry materials instead of It's looking very clean and simple, and it's good to see that my circa 2001 html skills are still up to par. I still can't play with CSS, so I had to go in and change everything by hand, but it's functional and only took about 20 minutes. It looks much better than it did anyway and goes with the blue (it's amazing how I haven't yet tired of that color in the last three or so years. Before that it was chaging monthly.) There is actually a Mr French cardstock that is an approximation and I'm always trying to use it, which results in alot of pale blue books.

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Lisa said...

Nice blog and well written :-)