Saturday, March 20, 2010

All last night the wind blew and blew, and today is blustery and snow filled, a spectacularly craptastic slap in the face after a teasing bit of spring. I am hiding in the apartment all day. I would prefer to be hiding in my bed under my down comforter, but it's getting a bit ridiculous how much time I spend there. I am going to find a movie to watch and make some jewelry. Or maybe write some poems. Or a letter. I've recently decided I don't write enough letters, which is mostly because everyone I would need to write to easily accessible via phone or e-mail if not in person. This makes me sad somehow, especially considering I sell paper goods. I also keep running out of stamps (not pretty vintage stamps, but the ones that actually work). I am not using them on anything productive like submissions, but moreso on international packages I am too lazy to take to the PO and cannot print paypal postage on. It is strictly e-mail submissions these days, which feels less like a poem falling into a bottomless abyss and a little more like a tiny abyss.

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