Tuesday, February 16, 2010

general busyness

with the next batch of books (the last of the 2009 titles and the first 2010 one) which are turning out fabulously, as well as getting out orders, sale batches, and general shop stuff, which is moving at a brisker pace lately (at least for February, perhaps the economy is on the upswing after all.) There has even been time for a handful of poems, possibly KD additions, in there amazingly and some sort of semi-organization of the living room bookshelf over the weekend. Sunday night was a soap making marathon, finally having obtained the right mold for the herbal soaps (rosemary mint and cucumber lemongrass), as well as a huge batch of vanilla sandalwood for the more "manly" line of soaps (though this one is actually completely girl friendly as well-actually they all are.) I also needed to restock the grapefruit and the gardenia, and managed to perfect the jar candle packaging. So far I've only made lemongrass ones in the larger jars, but I will be trying more as soon as I get more wax. I'm also waiting on some new pewter charms for new necklaces. Keep an eye on the shop this week for them.

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