Saturday, December 19, 2009

a new decade

It occured to me this week, and probably for the first time, that we are on the verge of closing out a decade. I guess maybe it seems sorta anti-climactic after the whole Millennium brou-haha..or maybe it's that people don't exactly know what to call this decade (the 70's, th 80's, the 90's, the what? Two-thousands sounds sort of clunky.) All in all, it's been a pretty great decade for me. I moved back to Chicago and found a job I rather liked. Managed to write enough to finish 4 books and somehow miraculously get three of them released(or will be soon). Started an online lit mag, then a chapbook press, then an art & design studio. Finished my MFA and finally learned not to take po-biz so seriously. Somehow aquired three more cats and lost one to old age. I read probably hundreds of books, commuted over 5000 times. Ate alot of Thai food and Starbucks. Have probably assembled close to 8000 chapbooks. Learned to like my body and love my sometimes godawful hair. Learned how I like to dress, what I like in bed, where to find the best thriftstore stuff, and how to fix my computer. Also, how make jewelry, code HTML, and how make a poems not suck so much. Developed an affinity for vintage pyrex and discovered that I was wrong for years about not liking guacamole.

It's been a pretty great 10 years..

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