Thursday, December 31, 2009

5am insomnia

So it has come to this. I cut short the family visit in order to enjoy a few days of R & R before goingback to work and here I am wide awake at 5 am for some inexplicable reason, making a batch of green apple soap and reading blogs. I would normally blame the Peach Nehi sugar rush, but I actually just cracked open the 2 liter now to combat the dryness everywhere, my throat, the apartment, the ridiculous static when I add yet another sweater to combat the radiators that never run quite enough during these terrible bleak days of winter. Of course, I can alway go back to bed later, but there are so many other things I should be doing. I should be cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry. I should be making something or working on a poem. The building is unsually silent with all the Loyola students on break, so no bad music and screeching drunk girls. The dorm building across the way is completely dark and for all I know, I may be the only person awake in the universe. Only 80 or so days til spring and I'm counting every one of them.


M. Miranda Maloney said...

Long breaks always mess me up. No sugar rush, or scary movies to keep me up, just the excitement of the holidays. I'll be dying of sleep next week when everything goes back to the dull routine of hauling kids to school...and all the blahs. I feel your pain.

Martin @ Insomnia Land said...

It's good to hear you're being productive during your bouts of insomnia. Far better to be up making soap than stressing and worrying about not being able to sleep.

Oh, and I'm with you on counting down the days until Spring - and I'm not even a student anymore!

Anonymous said...

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