Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dgp angst

I am beginning to wonder if it's more grueling to whittle down to 20 chaps from a current 32 contenders (and that's after 2 rounds of cuts) or to just publish the damn things, which actually seems like less work, or at least less mental work/anguish, than deciding among them which to keep, which to reject. Argh... I am hoping to decide by this afternoon. On one hand, I've been feeling the burn of being too overloaded. Things have been going very well as far as sales and income, so while budget concerns aren't really a determining factor, time is definitely an issue, even if I had some help. I am such a control freak, I doubt I could handle help anyway. I am thinking maybe I could plan for the next year and a half of books, which would work with the 32 I have, and then not accept submissions until the summer of 2011 for the following year. But then I also don't like giving poets such a long lead time until their books are out. Argh...

In the meantime, I am finishing up a couple of galleys to send to poets and just waiting til 5 o'clock when I can head out of town for some Turkey Day festivities, which will no doubt involve excessive stuffing consumption and Black Friday shopping exploits. I plan to buy everything on etsy this year, but I like to window shop and look for decorations. The goal was to get my tree up last weekend, but it just didn't happen, which means it will have to wait til the first weekend in December. I am actually a little excited by all the holiday glitz and twinkle lights for once. Christmas usually blindsides me, but this year I am ready.

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