Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One new and pretty thing daily....

Since I am determined to light a fire under my behind and get to stocking the shop before the Christmas rush, both making new things, restocking things that have sold out, and listing some stuff that's just been sitting here waiting to be listed and/or photographed. My challenge, up until Thanksgiving, is to list at least one new thing (or batch of things) in the shop every day until I get to everything I have either made or want to make in there. So I will be adding updates to this blog, as well as twitter and the facebook fan page daily (hopefully). Today's offering are a bunch of slips that I finally got around to mending this weekend in all sorts of lovely pastels..(I'll be adding some more autunm-like and wintry colors soon, but these are left over from a spring batch.)

Now available in the shop.

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